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Oreo Star Wars Snack Size 58g

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Oreo Star Wars Snack Size is a thrilling treat for fans of the iconic franchise, offering a delicious and fun way to celebrate your allegiance to the Force. Each pack contains either dark side character cookies with bold red creme or light side character cookies with vibrant blue creme. The classic Oreo cookie taste is enhanced with intricate designs featuring beloved characters from both sides of the Star Wars saga, making each bite an adventure.

Perfect for parties, movie nights, or as a special treat for Star Wars enthusiasts, Oreo Star Wars Snack Size cookies bring a touch of galactic excitement to your snack time. The convenient snack-sized packs are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment or sharing with friends and family. Whether you align with the dark side or the light side, these themed Oreos offer a delightful way to indulge in the timeless taste of Oreo while celebrating your favourite Star Wars characters.

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