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Hershey's Kisses Roses Milk Chocolate Meltaway 255g

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Hershey's Kisses Roses Milk Chocolate Meltaway is a luxurious twist on the classic Hershey's Kisses, perfect for those special moments when only something extra indulgent will do. These chocolates feature a silky, meltaway center, enveloped by rich, creamy milk chocolate that dissolves deliciously in your mouth. The smooth, velvety texture combined with the deep, satisfying flavor of milk chocolate makes each Kiss a decadent treat.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate [sugar, skim milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, milk fat, lecithin (soy), pgpr, natural flavour], sugar, palm kernel oil, whey (milk), skim milk, cocoa processed with alkali, contains 2% or less of: milk, milk fat, cocoa, chocolate, lecithin (soy), salt, vanillin, artificial flavour.

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